The Nonprofit Role.

Information for novices through experts alike on the roles within nonprofit organizations, the roles the nonprofits play in society, and how external parties interact with nonprofits. This book provides overviews of several topics. Learn about who should manage the organization, and who should not. What are some considerations for starting a nonprofit? Discusses what the IRS Form 990 is and what it means for the organization. It delves into the duties of the governing board and others associated with the entity, as well as compliance, governance, and transparency.

Joel E Smith has a background in business management, having spent over 30 years in the food service industry. He started as a crew person in fast food and worked his way up to managing full-service restaurants. By his late 20s, he had co-founded and operated a restaurant and bar, expanding to five locations over more than two decades. After leaving the restaurant business he transitioned to accounting. He has a Master of Science in Accounting from Liberty University. 

Having also been involved with several nonprofits, this area of expertise became his passion. His goal is not just to help nonprofits have clean accounting and well-prepared 990s. He wants to help them achieve their full potential through skillful marketing while also protecting themselves with the implementation of outstanding policies and procedures. 

The Nonprofit Role

Joel E Smith, EA, MSA
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  • 1. What is a Nonprofit?
  • 2. The 990: The Basics
  • 3. Governing Board and Officers
  • 4. Service Providers
  • 5. Community Duty
  • 6. Contributions and Contributors
  • 7. Monitoring
  • 8. Closing Comments
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