Deduct Your Life.

Nearly every client we have had the pleasure of working with have a strong belief that they have experienced true ‘tax planning.’ Most accountants believe that tax planning is purchasing a new vehicle at the end of the year, or having their client liquidate their cash assets before the year end.  

Real tax planning is taking full advantage of the tax codes in place. Reducing tax as much as legally possible should be the goal. Tax planning can, and should be, compared to investing. The aim is to have a return on money spent.  

On average we save new clients 20k per year through our rigorous application of the tax code. I am now taking the opportunity to make this information available to everyone. 

Deduct Your Life. This book will give everyone the opportunity,  regardless of income level, to save thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands dollars in taxes by simply following my suggestions. I am so sure you will find ways to save money on your taxes, I will guarantee a 1000% return on your investment within 2 years.

Deduct Your Life

Michael Callahan
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  • 1. The Basic Bullshit - But You Must Understand it First
  • 2. WTF is Wrong with Most Accountants? - Stuck in a Box
  • 3. W-2 Employees - So Now You Have a Real Job... and A Real Tax Problem
  • 4. Turn Your Hobby into a Business - Let the Fun Begin
  • 5. Structuring Your Business - Timing Matters
  • 6. Corporate Meetings - I Can Do What??
  • 7. Trips - Get a Minimum 30% Discount on All Travel
  • 8. The Dreaded Home Office - Don't be Scared
  • 9. Child Labor - Need I Say More?
  • 10. Heath Insurance - Make a Necessary Evil Work For You
  • 11. Start Your Own Insurance Company - If You Can't Beat'm, Join'm
  • 12. The Magic of Real Estate - Build Wealth and Save Taxes
  • 13. Charitable Trusts - Big Money = Big Savings
  • 14. Now What? - How to Take Advantage of What You Just Learned

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