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You want to know how to save money? Easy. Get rid of the excuses and start with some short- and long-term ways to save and cultivate better spending habits.

You want to know how to save money? Easy. Get rid of the excuses and start with some short- and long-term ways to save and cultivate better spending habits. It won’t be easy, but neither is trying to walk to tight rope of debt and recovery. Review some of these tips to get you on your way, you are sure to attain ways to save as you embrace your new frugal lifestyle.

Immediate Money Savers

  • Everyday make a financial sacrifice, such as that expensive coffee or morning smoothie and put the money you would have spent in a jar.
  • A desperate move – scour your car, couch cushions for loose change.
  • Set up automatic transfers from your checking to your savings on a monthly or even weekly basis.
  • Increase you 401K contributions
  • Set up additional automatic payments to your IRA account(s)
  • Call your credit card company to try and reduce your interest rate.
  • See if any of your credit card or banks are offering a balance transfer promotion to save interest over the next 6 to 12 months, or more!

Money Savers to Implement

  • Try a ‘no unnecessary spend’ challenge for two weeks every month (can only use money for absolute necessities.)
  • Save your receipts for 30 days. Write down what you are buying and you will begin to see where all of your spending is occurring.
  • Keep your credit cards and even wallet at home when you go to certain places.
  • Look for those coupons, promos, and seasonal sales to help curb over spending.

Another way to save, is to not spend at all. So many times, I myself have rationalized spending because of a sale or ‘once in a lifetime’ offer. But I could’ve just not make that purchase and remembered that it’s not a once in a lifetime sale, it’s just over marketing. If you have awareness of your spending habits, you will likely try to correct them. It’s not an easy road, but once you are on your way, you will be glad you made the trek.


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