Michael Callahan and Associates Announces Rebrand

Michael Callahan and Associates announced today, February 4th, 2022, that the company will now be named Intentional Accounting.

Michael Callahan, CEO of Michael Callahan and Associates, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding and renaming. The company wants their name to reflect their business, they are a nationwide team of forward-thinking accountants that influence the prosperity of those they serve through intentional and proactive accounting.

Their firm provides outstanding service to their clients because of their dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. By combining their expertise, experience, and the energy of their staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention. Their focus has not changed, they are aligning their company with a new name and website. Our new name is Intentional Accounting. Their high standards, service, and specialized staff are the difference between their outstanding performance and others. They make sure that every client is served by the expertise of their whole firm. 

The company’s revamped website, www.intentionalaccounting.com, includes in-depth information about them and how they can service their clients. “We’ve taken a clean, modern approach to the website’s design and user experience. We purposefully set out to challenge the status quo in all aspects of our business and this redesign reflects that,” Michael explained.


Michael Callahan

Michael Callahan

CEO of Intentional Accounting

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