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Our team at Intentional Accounting strives to make owning a business easier. We can take care of your bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and so much more. Our team is filled with experienced CPAs, which stands for certified public accountants. Our CPAs are licensed in many accounting services and can analyze your financial data. Our team can also aid with your business’s financial projections and tax preparation. Intentional Accounting believes that business owners should be focusing more on their passion in their field rather than background paperwork. Not only do we strive to work with any business owner in any industry that may need our help, but our trained team can also take care of your non-profit or charity. Regarding those organizations, the accounting requirements are unique, and our staff has excellent experience in this field. Our team of CPAs in The Woodlands area all share the same mission: to give our customers the best service and make their lives a little easier as a business owners.

What Do We Offer Our Clients?

We Are The Experts In Payroll

Intentional Accounting strives to provide exceptional service for our customers. One of the most common services our CPAs work with businesses is the organization of their payroll. We find the best approach customized to your preference and industry. Small business owners spend an average of 8 hours a month performing payroll functions, which would be 12 days a year. Although this may not seem like much, it can be time-consuming and add up quickly. Some important pros of having an outside company handle your payroll would be that it’s generally more cost effective and time saving, allows you to shift your focus to your company, has user-friendly reports, and is stress-free during tax season.

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Our Tax Assistance

Although the tax season is only for four months out of the year, Intentional Accounting believes it is never too early to prepare. When you are a business owner, you have a lot of aspects of the company you must deal with. Many business owners never get their days off, but our team wants to be able to take at least one thing off your plate. We can take care of your tax planning and preparation or any problems you may have. Never hesitate to call us for assistance. A quick tip from our team is to ensure you are trying to find ways to reduce your income tax. Trying to find things that are deductibles will help you save some money. We encourage our customers to work closely with one of our CPAs to ensure we prepare your company and your taxes so there are no surprises.

Formation Of Your Business And Understanding Its Value

Becoming a business owner can be an intimidating goal. Intentional Accounting can help you create your newest business in The Woodlands, Texas, area. Every field is different, but our team has a variety of skills that can help with the formation of your business. It can be hard to decide where to start. Once you have had the ball rolling and started your business, it is essential as a business owner to understand the value of your business. No matter your field, it is good to gain this knowledge to understand where your largest assets are and prepare for tax season. Our team can help you with these questions as well. Whether you’ve owned your company in The Woodlands area for years or have an idea, our team can help.

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Your Personal Finances Are Important

Here at Intentional Accounting, we are not only experts when it comes to helping businesses with financial status, but we believe your personal finances are also crucial.  It all starts with your personal goals and creating a budget curated towards you and your finances. Understanding your savings and debt is also crucial. You can only save if you can allocate a portion of your income, but if you can’t be due to debt, it’s essential to understand how that may affect your finances. Although understanding your finances can seem tedious, our blog, “Managing Personal Finances: Top Financial Planning Tips for Individuals and Families,” goes in-depth on many of these tips and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Accounting

Tax season is no business owner’s favorite. Whatever system you use, settle for one to be organized. Tracking everything throughout the year, even when you don’t think you’ll need it, is always good to be proactive. Understanding what deductions you qualify for is also a good practice because you’ll save the maximum amount of money you can. You may need to investigate your industry to understand your qualifications or ask your CPA.

Firstly, you must meet the education requirements of 150 hours or more of college credit, which is about four to five years. Then, you need a year of experience working with a CPA under their supervision. Additionally, for those years of school, you have to take a TSBA-approved ethics course. After doing all that, you must pass the CPA examination and file and pay for a certificate. Before you can practice, you must also pay a licensing fee, and you’d have to take an oath to support the laws and Constitution.

Tax season isn’t a joy for most business owners. Choosing an organized tracking system for year-round expenses can improve your experience during the stressful time of tax season. Proactively record everything, even if, at the moment, it feels insignificant. Understand eligible deductions for your specific business to ensure you save the most money you can.

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