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Intentional Accounting offers accounting services to the Scottsdale area, by sharing their expertise in the field. We have professionals and the best personnel when it comes to helping business owners with whichever service they need. At Intentional Accounting we understand that owning a business takes a lot of time, effort, and money to ensure that things run smoothly. From tax services, budgeting advice and, payroll help, we guarantee that using our services will save you time and money to help ensure that the business runs more smoothly.

Commercial Services We Offer:


For many business owners, payroll is a monotonous task to do every two weeks or whichever pay structure you choose to pay your employees. But it does take precious time away from you as a business owner. Filling out payroll can take a lot of time. On average, business owners can expect to spend 8 hours per month or 12 days on payroll information. Hiring a CPA can help you gain that time back so you can focus on more important matters in your business.

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Tax Assistance

When it comes to helping a business, a CPA’s main objective is to help them save money. By hiring a CPA from Intentional Accounting  , we will be here to help with planning, budgeting, and accounting services such as bank reconciliation and maintaining the balance sheet. Although taxes do not need to be filed during the first week of tax season, it is essential to understand that with proper management, knowledge, and organization, filing taxes can be a piece of cake. All these lessons and traits are things that Intentional Accounting will be able to help you with, which means that you can  to avoid any possible tax penalties.

Formation Of Your Business And Understanding Its Value

Starting and maintaining a business is a challenging task. If it was so easy to start a business then anyone with an idea would do it. With the proper knowledge, guidance, and realization, owning your own business can help create the financial freedom and freedom of time that is highly sought after.  This is why establishing the framework and understanding the value of your business can help with the expectations and can also help drive the progression of the company.

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Your Personal Finances Are Important

At Intentional Accounting, it is our goal and duty to ensure that every business understands that accounting is more than just money. Whether it be budgeting or  in general can be a very difficult topic for some people, especially when they do not have any experience or guidance in the topic.

Making a Change

We can help you understand that finances are crucial to creating a short- and long-term plan for you and your business, ultimately leading you to a lifestyle that can make you happy. Our team wants to make sure that business owners understand that teaming up with Intentional Accounting can help with your financial business goals. Which is just as important as understanding the value of your business, and down to the nitty-gritty of something so tedious as payroll.

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FAQ About Accounting

Understanding accounting is crucial for your business. Learning how to organize and plan your financial spending will allow you to be prepared if a financial crisis occurs. Some business owners may be better at it than others, which is why hiring a accountant will help handle the things you don’t know how to, or may not have the time for.

To be an accountant in Arizona, you would need a bachelor’s degree, 150 college credits, a Social Security number, a passing grade in a CPA exam, and an ethics exam, as well as at least 2,000 hours of relevant professional experience.

Everybody is different, but some key traits would be organization, time and paperwork management, and responsibility, which will help prepare you for tax season. Having an organized system will make it easier to track and record any possible deductions, expenses, or savings that happened throughout the year.

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