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At Intentional Accounting, we pride ourselves on delivering knowledge and exceptional service to our customers in the Huntsville area. Our skilled, experienced team is dedicated to making the lives of our clients more accessible, making being a business owner less of a hassle. Our Certified Public Accountants(CPAs) offer top-notch accounting services such as bookkeeping, payrolling, and tax assistance. Let us handle the finance tasks while you focus on your passion. Whether you’re a business owner, part of a non-profit, or a charity, Intentional Accounting’s mission is to provide outstanding services to simplify your life.

What Do We Offer Our Clients?

We Are The Experts In Payroll

Our team specializes in many things, one being payroll. We strive to relieve business owners from the stress of managing this task. It can be highly time-consuming, and Intentional Accounting believes you should apply that time elsewhere. On average, small business owners spend 8 hours monthly on payroll functions. Outsourcing to our team saves you time and is cost-effective and stress-free, especially during tax season.

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Our Tax Assistance

With our team’s help, we can make tax season a breeze for you. At Intentional Accounting, we prioritize early tax preparation and planning. We aim to minimize tin come taxes through deductibles to save you and your business money. Our skilled CPAs in Huntsville, Alabama, will ensure you have a well-prepared and surprise-free tax season.

Formation Of Your Business And Understanding Its Value

Do you want to become a business owner? Let our skilled team guide you from start to finish. We help with the business formation process to get you on your feet. We can also assist with finding out the value of your business. Whether you’re a seasoned owner or a newcomer in Huntsville, Intentional Accounting can help!

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Your Finances Are Important

Beyond business finances, our CPAs believe their work shouldn’t stop there. Intentional Accounting is passionate about empowering customers to understand their finances. Explore our blog more for insightful tips on how to manage your finances. We cover aspects like income, debts, retirement, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Accounting

Accounting provides valuable insight into your business finances. With our CPA’s support, we optimize savings, understand financial flow, and gain confidence in economic decisions.

To become a CPA in Alabama, you will need a minimum 150-hour education requirement, gain supervised experience, complete an ethics course, pass the CPA exam, file for the certificate, pay licensing fees, and take an oath of compliance.

Choose an organized tracking system for year-round expenses, record everything proactively, and understand eligible deductions to get the most back during tax season.

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