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Intentional Accounting prides itself on being a company that gives knowledge and exceptional service to its customers. Combining skilled, experienced, and driven to make business owners’ lives easier, our team strives daily to provide excellent accounting services to local businesses. Our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are ready to address any financial queries or challenges you may encounter. Allow us to take your financial burdens off your shoulders, specializing in bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and more. Our service aims to make being a business owner a little more enjoyable. We believe you should focus more on your passion for your business than on the tedious financial issues. Whether you’re a business owner, part of a non-profit, or a charity, our expert team in Bellevue, Washington, shares a mission: providing top-notch service to make your life a little easier.

What Do We Offer Our Clients?

We Are The Experts In Payroll

Committed to exceptional service, our team specializes in organizing business payroll. We recognize that payroll is another additional stressor many business owners have to endure. Surprisingly, on average, small business owners spend about 8 hours monthly on payroll functions, up to 12 days a year. Let us take this responsibility off your hands and free you to concentrate on the company’s bigger picture and core aspects. Outsourcing your accounting services saves time and proves cost-effective and stress-free during tax season.

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Our Tax Assistance

Even though the tax season is only four months long, Intentional Accounting emphasizes early preparation. Our CPAs understand the constant demands of business owners. We would like to assist you by helping with tax preparation and planning. Our team of experts believes it is crucial to start preparing for the tax season as soon as possible, but we also think it is essential to seek ways to minimize income taxes through deductibles. Team up with our skilled CPAs in the Bellevue, Washington, area and ensure you are well-prepared and have a surprise-free tax season. 

Formation Of Your Business And Understanding Its Value

Are you embarking on the ambitious goal of being a business owner? Intentional Accounting is here to guide you through the formation of your business. No matter what your goals are as you start your business, our skilled team can assist in a range of fields. Our CPAs can help you weigh the pros and cons and understand the industry you wish to be in. Additionally, our team believes if you own a company, you should understand the value of your business.  Whether you’re a seasoned Bellevue, Washington owner or have a new idea, we are here to guide you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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Your Personal Finances Are Important

At Intentional Accounting, our team of CPAs isn’t just pros regarding business finances. Our team also believes our customers should understand their personal finances. Understanding your personal finances may not be everyone’s priority, but we believe it should be. Our team thinks our customers should value and learn the knowledge of your income, including debts, retirement, and more. Check out our blog, “Managing Personal Finances: Top Financial Planning Tips for Individuals and Families,”  for more in-depth tips and insights on your personal finances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accounting

Accounting provides valuable insight into anyone’s personal or business finances. It is a good practice to ensure you are strategically managing your money. With our CPAs’ support, you can optimize savings, understand the financial flow, and build confidence in your financial decisions. When you are winning, so are we.

To become a CPA in Washington, you need a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in accounting, including required accounting and business credits. Pass the Uniform CPA Exam and gain the necessary work experience under the supervision of a licensed CPA. Additionally, pass an ethics exam, satisfy any citizenship or residency requirements, and meet the state’s age requirement. Submit an application to the Washington State Board of Accountancy, undergo a background check, and pay the applicable fees for application, examination, and licensing.

Tax season isn’t a joy for most business owners. Choosing an organized tracking system for year-round expenses can improve your experience during the stressful time of tax season. Proactively record everything, even if, at the moment, it feels insignificant. Understand eligible deductions for your specific business to ensure you save the most money you can.

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